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Toby Clemson09:10:18

Announcing, a system for defining and maintaining a collection of health checks, with support for: • both realtime and background checks • a registry for storing, finding and resolving checks • an asynchronous maintenance system for ensuring that the results of checks are kept up-to-date according to their definition See the, and for more details.

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clj-kondo 2021.10.19 clj-kondo New • New optional linter: warn on missing `gen-class` if namespace has `-main` fn See • Detect arity mismatches for functions defined with `def` • Type inference improvements for `def` + `fn` combination • Local `fn` type inference • Analysis: allow user to request all or specific metadata be returned ( • rseq called on other type than vector or sorted-map now gives type error Enhanced / fixed • Fix false positive with ns-unmap • Support custom-lint-fn with `.cljc` • Allow reader conditional in metadata • Analysis: add `:from-var` in higher order call • Dedupe linted files ( • Add `:duplicate-ns` to duplicate-require linter output ( • if-let / `if-some` with invalid arity no longer warn • Analysis: spport for defn 2nd attr-map, :doc derivation fixes ( • Fix parsing of trailing metdata map ( Thanks @lee and @ericdallo for the help.

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Will Calva automatically download the latest version on the next start? @U0ETXRFEW


@U015VUATAVC it will once @ericdallo publishes a new version of #lsp

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nope, needs new clojure-lsp release which should come soon this week


I'm just focusing on fix a bug then I should release soon


there is also a standalone clj-kondo plugin available for VSCode if you want a preview ;)

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Thanks again for a very quick turnaround on rseq !

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Hello everyone! Today I'm pleased to announce a new release of Pathom 3! This release contains some fixes for dynamic resolvers, and the brand new parallel processor. This processor is faster and less resource intensive than the ones in Pathom 2, and you can expect a good bump in performance when compared to it (real benchmarks will be taken and share in a blog post soon)! Check new docs for the parallel runner at Release: Changes in this release: • Fix foreign mutation on async runner • Remove viz request snapshots to allow multiple connectors on the same meshed graph • Fix the flow of params on foreign-ast • Fix nested dependency process • Infer output shape in constantly resolver • Parallel processor 🎉

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