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Released v0.0 of Pitoco., a OSS library to help you check your endpoint schemas (using spec-provider, Malli and Pathom). See quick video at Totally inspired by what Akita Software has been doing.

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Announcing clj-easy/graal-config! A repo that hosts configurations for Clojure and Java libraries that you can use a dependencies in your native-image builds! Join #clj-easy for more info on this.

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Thanks! Very clever solution to provide such configuration) btw. there is a github action to provision different versions of graalvm as a part of your workflow -


Yes, I recommended this to @UJ1339K2B but he told me that this doesn't support setting up a development version.

Karol Wójcik11:09:03

@U04V4KLKC yep. Having dev version of Graal would be much appreciated

Karol Wójcik11:09:10

Does the action allows setting multiple Graal versions? If yes where the action set’s the base directory for each?


I think the point of this setup action is that it adds one version to the environment, we have a slightly different use case, or we should re-organize things in different jobs


I can add dev version today. each version installed in the separate directory following …/GraalVM/%graalvm-version%-%java-version%-%arch%/x64 notation. Also this action expose a set of environment variables: • JAVA_HOME • JAVA_HOME_%graalvm-version%.%java-version%.%arch% • GRAALVM_HOME first and last will be overwritten by the last action run but second will be present for every followup steps


so it is possible to provision multiple graalvm versions


so then you can just do setup-graalvm, execute test, setup-graalvm v2, execute test, etc.


setting GRAALVM_HOME is excellent because this is what most tools already use


Perhaps you can make it so that setup-graalvm adds always the latest dev version


This will also solve the problem for us that our builds will fail when the dev version is removed


yes, I’m already working on it while we are speaking )

Karol Wójcik11:09:45

Or we can override GRAALVM_HOME from our test suite :D


@UJ1339K2B I think we can just make a github matrix and use setup-graalvm

Karol Wójcik11:09:05

Thank you @U04V4KLKC :man-bowing:🙏🙏

delaguardo12:09:29 I manage to add suport for latest nightly build. But it requires slight adjustments in workflow file. 1. graalvm: “nightly” 2. personal-token: ${{ secrets.GITHUB_TOKEN }}


right now it exposes the same set of env variables except JAVA_HOME_%version%. Because version is unknown before run I expose “JAVA_HOME_NIGHTLY”


That's not a problem


released as 5.0 version

Ivar Refsdal11:09:56

I'm pleased to announce yoltq, a queue library for Datomic that supports retries, backoff, ordering and more. On-prem only.

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Jeff Evans23:09:33

Announcing the first release of java-case, a tiny utility macro for concisely selecting different forms based on the executing JDK version. This is my first Clojure library, so all suggestions/feedback welcomed.

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Nice! I have a use for this at work immediately to replace the ad hoc stuff we're currently doing. And thank you for using clj-new and build-clj!

Jeff Evans00:09:24

Thanks, Sean. Great to hear. And yeah, clj-new definitely made it super easy to publish to Clojars, which was nice.