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Just released portal No new features, mainly performance improvements. Portal is a data inspector / visualization tool that hopefully makes it easier to explore new and unfamiliar data models. It can be used as a tool or in your process.

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Amazing tool!

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fogus (Clojure Team)16:08:52

New Cognitect Labs aws-api service APIs available! CHANGES new AWS service APIs available (services version v811.2.958 and v813.2.963): Route53 Recovery Cluster, AWS Route53 Recovery Control Config, AWS Route53 Recovery Readiness, Amazon Chime SDK Identity, and Amazon Chime SDK Messaging README: API Docs: Changelog: Upgrade Notes: Latest Releases of api, endpoints, and all services:

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Matthew Davidson (kingmob)15:08:35

@U050WRF8X Any plans to support AWS SDK v2? Some newer services aren’t available in v1, like TranscribeStreaming.

fogus (Clojure Team)18:08:51

Hi! Sorry that it took a while to get back to you. While I am supporting the project I only have one day a week allocated to it. At the moment we only use the endpoints.json file from the Java SDK for the list of services. However, on the services API side we use the JS SDK. Was there something from the JS SDK that you found lacking?