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clojure-lsp Released new version with support for 19 known snippets and custom user snippets during completion 🎉 For more information check #lsp

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Eric Ihli14:04:00

Just released first/beta version of Tightly Packed Trie implementation as described in this paper: It results in compression of ~95% for a trie implemented with a traditional Clojure data structure like a hash-map. The entire tightly-packed data structure is a contiguous array of bytes as a java.nio.ByteBuffer. Address offsets in the ByteBuffer are stored as variable-length encoded integers, which saves a lot of space compared to typical 32 or 64 bit pointers.

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Nice! I have been thinking about something like this quite a few times lately but haven't actually needed to use one yet 😄

Adam Helins20:04:33

Interesting, and neat that you provide the paper. It always very instructive to take a "formal" description and compare it with an actual implementation.

Adam Helins20:04:17

People are often scared of papers just to realize that it is pretty straightforward in code.

Eric Ihli21:04:30

Yeah some papers can be scary but this one was a great introduction. Straightforward, short, and no advanced math.