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Ok, after a long break, I just published new versions for both Chlorine and Clover, the socket-REPL package for Atom and VSCode. In this version, notable changes are some fixes for nREPL and Shadow-CLJS, and now both editors can detect ports if there's a .socket-repl-port on the root of the project. It'll also detect if there's an nREPL port, but it's behind a config toggle (because Chlorine/Clover works better with pure socket REPLs, so I don't want to "default to worse experience" really). Discussions on #chlorine-clover.

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Adam Helins17:04:48

Dear friends, something brand new for our ecosystem: a fully spec compliant WebAssembly compiler and decompiler, entirely in CLJC I hope it will sprout new crazy projects. It certainly could give to Clojurescript an interesting edge over JS. Who knows, maybe it will be used one day to bootstrap Clojure-WASM? Furthermore, the whole WASM representation is defined using Malli schemas! Kudos to the Malli team for such a fine library, and special thanks to @ikitommi who was very prompt to add a couple needed features. (PS: This is obviously very new and still alpha, but it is already pretty well tested and it works 🙂 )

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This is SO COOL! Thanks for working on this!

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A comment I saw a while back on LtU comes to mind: > Language stacks inevitably have abstraction leaks. The lower level language leaks into the higher level one, whether by explicit embedding or various design assumptions. > > ...An intriguing alternative is to invert the stack. > > Start with a conventionally high-level language that has many nice properties except performance - composition, concurrency, reflection, automatic memory management, natural numbers with bignum arithmetic, caching, optimizing, etc. > > ...Such a language stack supports appropriate levels of abstraction/performance, but upon a more robust foundation. it really seems like your work here demonstrates the viability of Clojure and malli as a sufficiently expressive combination to fill this particular niche. very cool stuff.

Adam Helins12:04:57

@UFTRLDZEW Indeed, I feel right at home with those posts. And a bit later: "in order to invert the language stack, you need to separate the conceptual stack from the implementation stack, because with the latter we obviously have to have the low-level stuff at the bottom" This is why I got a bit obsessed with WASM. It is an abstract language for an abstract machine, yet its execution (runtimes) is low-level. It is a unique opportunity for going as low as possible while caring for a single and unique target. Because we have that single target, it makes sense to build high-level tooling, we are building on a single foundation. Hopefully, that makes sense!

Jakub Holý (HolyJak)17:04:20

You are on an incredible roll, @UCFG3SDFV! It almost looks like you have been borkdude-ified :-) Great work!

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Adam Helins10:04:51

@U0522TWDA Being borkdude-ified, genuinely an honour 😄 Yes, all this was stuff that was laying in the dark, I took some time to clean those projects and make public. Almost done, but not yet!

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Congrats on the release! Linked the lib from malli README. Looking forward on the future of clj & wasm

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Karol Wójcik18:04:19

New version of holy-lambda 0.1.2. A micro framework for targeting both java/native AWS Lambda runtime using one code 🙂 Changelog: Repo: Some examples: A real example: Incoming this month: support for interceptors and GraalVM-EE All contributions welcome.

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Karol Wójcik18:04:57

Thanks @U0522TWDA I’m aware, but still there is nothing useful in docs :(. @U017Y2J9F0W will probably change the docs state by adding “getting started” guide.

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Alex Miller (Clojure team)21:04:27

Clojure CLI is now available • Fix issue with git deps where new commits on branches were not fetched. ◦ Note: if you are having this issue, you should delete your ~/.gitlibs directory in addition to upgrading

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