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Fulcro 3.4.18 is on Clojars. This is a bugfix release that corrects a problem when returning a tree of data from a mutation that uploaded files.

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Hi everyone, I'm pleased to announce the 0.1.16 release of Martian Martian is an HTTP abstraction for Clojure/script, making calling remote API endpoints just like calling a function. It supports Swagger, OpenAPI and local API descriptions and can be used with any http library. This release adds support for: • Keyword -> string coercion • Document and optionally merge default values This release improves: • Behaviour parsing OpenAPI v3 schemas when encountering an unexpected schema

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Hello! Made this tiny lib for doing spec-first servers using #reitit and #malli: Converts OpenAPI route definitions to Reitit routes and uses Malli for request coercion. Quite experimental and not quite ready for serious use. Hopefully its useful to some of you! 😄

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I was dreaming about this some time ago, thanks for releasing it :)


😄 hope this is useful to you! looking forward to making it more robust!