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Scott G06:03:44

Recently released, a pure Clojure implementation of the Advanced Encryption Standard, supporting encryption and decryption for keys of 128, 192, and 256 bits. Check out the library, and let me know of future enhancements you'd like added.

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We are happy to release [metosin/malli "0.3.0"]. Malli is a new data-driven data validation and specification library for Clojure/Script. This is a big release, with 44 PRs from 17 contributors. Big thanks to everyone involved! The key new features: ā€¢ Heterogeneous/regex sequences with both naked and named variants ā€¢ Schema-based parsing and unparsing ā€¢ Multi-arity function schemas ā€¢ Runtime function checking using generative testing ā€¢ Static function type checking using clj-kondo ā€¢ Lot's of small improvements and better performance ā€¢ No breaking changes in the public api (since initial release) ā€¢ Small breaking changes in the extender api (new protocol methods etc.) what's next? join #malli to discuss and to get help getting started.

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Vincent Cantin13:03:20

Congratulations !


We have a preview release of This is a near complete refactor removing about 1/2 the code and it brings along with it some important capabilities: ā€¢ 32 bit support (!!) ā€¢ JDK-16's ā€¢ Both above enabled by a new in dtype-next. We really tightened the screws on this one. There is far less ephemeral refcounted garbage created so we bind far fewer Python objects to the JVM's GC mechanism. We carefully considered how we interact with python and we were able to remove an entire binary binding system (we no longer need direct access to PyTypeObject). The plan is for this to be a piece of software that everyone feels comfortable contributing to and that is relatively easy to port to other platforms such as graal native or perhaps to use a For the truly geeky we used the excellent to generate the exact classes and function calls required dynamically for JNA or JDK-16 creating a sort of macro assembly template system. This is a preview release so it hasn't been heavily tested but it of course passes all unit tests. I am really looking forward to including our robotics friends moving forward šŸ™‚. Enjoy!!

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Hi there! So after a few weeks of punching Clojure, I'm pleased to release my first Clojure library šŸ˜„ It's a codebase generator (based on Eclipse Epsilon) that can preserve custom code inside generated files throughout future regenerations. Feel free to give it a whirl šŸ™‚ Thanks everyone.

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Looking good :) I had a bit of trouble earlier understanding what the lib does... Does it generate arbitrary code? java-only? clj-only? Is it similar/different from Lein templates?


Thanks šŸ™‚ So the point of the lib is to generate code regardless of what file type you want. That's basically it. The difference between this lib and other code generator (selmer, StringTemplates, ThymeLeaf, even Lein templates, etc.) is that you can have custom code inside your generated files. So even if you rerun generation, it will still keep the code there.

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> So even if you rerun generation, it will still keep the code there seems like a great feature, thanks!

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