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org.clojure/tools.cli {:mvn/version "1.0.206"} -- Command-line argument parsing -- * Allow validation to be performed either after parsing (before option processing) -- current default -- or after option processing, via the :post-validation true flag [TCLI-98]( * Allow validation message to be a function (of the invalid argument) in addition to being a plain string [TCLI-97]( * Add :multi true to modify behavior of :update-fn [TCLI-96]( Follow-up in #clojure

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As a special thank you to Clojurists Together, here are new releases of clj-kondo, babashka and sci: and a video describing the most important features that were implemented during the 2020-Q4 funding round:

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Jeff Evans18:02:23

It looks like the first couple of items under the Sci section (in release notes) are linking to the issue number in Babashka rather than Sci.


@U0183EZCD0D Thanks for pointing out, will fix after dinner

Luis Santos20:02:20

Hi everyone, I just released ffclj. ffclj is a clojure wrapper around ffmpeg and it can be used with both clojure and babashka. As this is my 1st public clojure project all the feedback is welcomed. If you are curious about it or would like to see something implemented, please let know and I will do my best to help. Thanks.

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Wow, this is exciting! I had made a babashka script to help me automate some video editing tasks with ffmpeg, but I merely created functions that shell out to ffmpeg - no smart integration at all. I will have to play around with your library to see what can be done!

Luis Santos14:03:30

Hi @U01LR7M2B7A, I do exactly the same thing. Nothing fancy. After watching your video about clojure and ffmpeg I would say that you are doing pretty much the same. The main difference is the use of json instead of text with ffprobe, background tasks and progress notification using async channels. The later features are more important for automated long running processes.


Ah, thanks for watching the video 😉 A user commented the ffprobe json improvement on my gist of the code from that video. It's a smart improvement for sure. As for async channels, you're completely right about it being better for long running processes. Core.async is still a bit of a weak point in my knowledge, so I suspect i can still learn a thing or two from your work

Steve Lombardi08:03:43

babashka paired with ffmpeg is definitely worth a look - thanks for this


Deep Diamond 0.19.0 has been released!

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