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I continue to add episodes of Grokking Fulcro on YouTube. I’m up to part 5. These videos are more oriented to the nuts and bolts of “how it works”, which I personally always appreciate knowing when I’m working with tools. If you’re new to Fulcro be sure to check out other resources that are more aimed to beginners, such as the Developer’s Guide and tutorial videos. The playlist for the new (nuts and bolts) series is

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Vincent Cantin16:02:56

@U0CKQ19AQ This channel is for library and project announcements. The video and articles may go to #news-and-articles instead.


Ah, I did not realize there was a separate channel for that


re-com v2.13.0 A component library for Reagent Headline: 1. Substantially improved debugging features 2. Continued evolution of the two new table components. Full changelog: Next step: easier component skinning

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Awesome! Re. :require-macros and at - AFAIK, using :require-macros is pretty much outdated by now unless you're the author of that macros NS: In short, it's possible to let your users just use (:require [re-com.core :refer [at h-box v-box ...]]).


Thanks, we'll have a look


A very fine library, I look forward to checking out the new debug features


@U2FRKM4TW fixed, thanks

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ez-wire 0.4.0 has been released. More updates to form. Documentation can be found here:

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Alex Miller (Clojure team)14:02:16 is now available • Fix incompatiblity with Cursive in (also fixed in latest Cursive) - apologies on this one • Fix clj -X:deps git-resolve-tags to update the sha to match the tag if both are provided • Perf improvements for git or local deps using pom.xml

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