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Sam Ritchie18:02:25

Announcing v0.16.0 of #sicmutils, the extensible Clojure(script) computer algebra system with excellent support for all of your advanced classical mechanics and differential-geometric needs. (Geometric algebra support coming soon!) Come say hi in #sicmutils. This release added new functions and generics like floor, ceiling, integer-part and fractional-part that render well to TeX and work in the symbolic environment (thanks @darrickw!) Many other improvements are coming together to make this library smoking fast at numerical computation and expressive in interactive environments. • release notes here: • fresh cljdoc build: • clojars: If you’re interested in this sort of thing, we’re also running a study group for Sussman’s “Structure and Interpretation of Classical Mechanics” starting this wednesday:

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Sam Ritchie18:02:20

this is an example (a very dense example, more friendly examples coming soon!) of the sort of symbolic investigation that #sicmutils allows into classical mechanics phenomena:

Sam Ritchie18:02:29

Running live in the browser, no less!

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honeysql "1.0.461" -- this includes an important security bug fix for a potential SQL injection vulnerability so I would recommend anyone using 1.0.444 (or earlier) upgrade to this latest version (note: this vulnerability did not affect the 2.0.x version currently in alpha testing!) -- all follow-up in #honeysql

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Announcing an experimental rule engine with the working title Implify. It's a rule engine, where, using a DSL, rules expressed as predicate-groups result in an inferred typed data structure that can be evaluated within the web-app or as an API using JSON as input. Written fully in Clojure(Script) it leans heavily on the dynamic and lispy nature of Clojure. It is closed source however, but can be experimented with in a web application available at: Rudimentary docs and a pretty functional "playground" available at that location.


@U2HDPM5FH If you are Dutch, which it sounds like, you might be interested in joining #clojure-nl. If you want to do a presentation about this at the Dutch Clojure meetup, could be nice maybe


Ah you are already part of that channel :)


So Michiel, you are Dutch?


@U04V15CAJ Yeah, I'm indeed Dutch. Never been to the meetup, although I keep up with the sessions and subjects. About giving a presentation: perhaps after COVID-19 and all the lockdowns.


The meetup is online now. And yes @U011J2CQT0F , I’m Dutch