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slipset10:02:14 is released as clj-commons/friend version 0.3.193 This is a fork of Chas Emericks friend library. This is basically 0.2.3 but with a version bump of jbcypt to avoid a CVE. Please consider using instead of friend, or as @borkdude put it: “friends don’t let friends use friend”

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Is the main reason to prefer buddy that the library is no longer actively developed?

Vincent Cantin07:02:51

This announcement is rather peculiar: “Hey, here is a cool library, but don’t use it” 😉 It still makes sense.


New release of Deep Diamond: 0.18.0-alpha High performance tensors and deep learning, in Clojure!

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Ertugrul Cetin14:02:13

overload-fn is a tiny Clojure library that makes possible function overloading on types.

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If the dispatch is limited to object, longs and doubles, I think one can reify a subset of these interfaces (as few interfaces as needed, e.g. just two for two signatures) reify supports dispatch-by-type, while implementing said interfaces would give you a callable thing the result can plausibly perform a little better than a defprotocol/multimethod -based abstraction

Ertugrul Cetin15:02:33

I'll check this, thanks!


:) it could be a cool optimization. e.g. use these when possible but generally fall back to protocols/multimethods when not ...of course, very few apps will plausibly need such a thing

Yehonathan Sharvit15:02:46

Wikipedia collaborators wanted! I am working on writing a Wikipedia article about Data-Oriented programming. If you are interested to collaborate, join #data-oriented-programming or send me a private message.


Hiccup-cli just arrived on MELPA! Convert HTML to Hiccup inside of Emacs with pretty printing (clipboard, kill-ring, directly in buffer). It does require you to build the GraalVM binary locally. I'll look into setting up CI/CD to build this automatically.

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@UKFSJSM38 Is this something that could be integrated in clojure-lsp? Convert selection to hiccup <-> html? ;P

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Yeah, it could be implemented if hiccup-cli has an API to clojure-lsp, also some kind of function to detect if the cursor is inside a valid hiccup or html code


Will look into that, thanks 👍


Are you using Github's CI/CD?


Just got it set up, thanks @UKFSJSM38! Your repo was very helpful