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mpenet11:01:13 1.0.0-alpha11 is out (bugfix release)

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mpenet12:01:58 5.0.0-alpha3 is out It adds supports for cassandra 4.x - the internals changed massively (tons of improvements), the surface api of alia is very similar to 3.x, it's still compatible with Feel free to kick tires!


another reminder for those closing out the week in Europe... State of Clojure survey is open now!

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... and now we are enlightened.


You realize his secret agenda will be to try and turn Clojure into Prolog, right?

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I mean, he did turn Scala into BASIC


he's been forgiven for that

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Heya folks! I took all the advice I heard about networked Clojure REPLs and went straight for the other way. Here's a project where the community gets to submit commands to be run in the REPL, and get to vote on other commands to be run. Lot's of fun to create, only ~2 hours of programming. You can find a screenshot here: Actual application is deployed here:

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Ben Sless17:01:27

This is like Twitch Plays but with a REPL. Groovy 🙂

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alexmiller19:01:41 is now available, only change was making some recent changes in the test suite platform-independent. Should be no changes since 1.10.2-rc2 as far as your perspective, but would be happy to have you re-try it regardless. If you do, please this announcement! If you have issues, please comment in thread or ask at