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A new version of has been out for a while (unannounced here) - 1.0.0-alpha10 It adds caching of coercers resolution (it will parse spec forms once per spec only), so it's a massive speed increase. Be aware of how caching works when you work from the repl, you can turn it off via options.

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We also released an initial version of - an http client based on It's very lightweight, runs everything through an interceptor chain that you can control (using For instance by default it supports both ring1 ring2 format depending on the chain you specify. The default interceptor chain is ring1 style. You can also do things such as skipping any kind of header parsing or ring style req/resp and hit the low level java api from that chain, basically lowering "framework" overhead to almost nothing. It leverages the CompletableFutures returned by the client for the async part and also provides an api to compose these via (it's very similar to manifold in terms of api, but just uses completablefuture interop., so another very thin facade)

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interesting! what was the main thing that lead you to create this project?


The need to find a replacement for aleph http client, plus in one particular case limiting dependencies


Having interceptors at the bottom also, we use these quite a bit

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cool. I have a new api I need to hit. 🙂

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New version of is out as well, using the latest ChronicleQueue/ChronicleBytes

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Jakub Holý (HolyJak)12:12:23

In > Chronicle Queue is similar to a low latency broker less durable.. wouldn't it be better with brokerless or broker-less?