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Jakub Holý (HolyJak)08:12:43

Introducing v0 of, a CLI tool that can currently fetch and store into files new posts from a Tumblr blog. Eventually this will evolve into a scheduled Lambda that will back up the posts and produce a monthly summary of the new ones to publish on a blog. Also a hobby project to learn more about core.async and Datomic.

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The first release of lambdaisland/fetch is out, a lightweight wrapper around JavaScript's fetch API

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First release of 🙂. So you can Julia in your Clojure and (soon) Clojure in your Julia. I just barely have enough working to talk about but I do have it provably working across 2.5 operating systems, according to Travis 🙂. Julia sits kind of at the pinnacle of the numerics stack. It is a generalized very high performance language specifically designed to make mathematical and scientific computing clearer, more enjoyable, and more correct. In the techascent stack, it sits just after something like Smile's BLAS binding but just before TVM. Unlike a specific blas binding, you can write bespoke code in Julia and it is highly optimized for you. Unlike TVM, the language is Turing complete. Julia has the best solvers known to computer science and it has a fully differentiable computing stack. I think it points the way forward in terms of dense and sparse style numeric computing. It has great metaprogramming capabilities and a community of extremely capable people pushing it forward. Pairing Julia tightly with Clojure allows us to use their vast libraries of scientific computing and gives us an avenue to take advantage of truly cutting edge numeric research directly. I would like Julia people to enjoy using Clojure and vice versa. This is absolutely a hair-on-fire early release. I put this forward in order to just let everyone know it is concretely possible and to open the door for people who may be interested in helping out.

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Chris McCormick22:12:09

Hey all! Today I'm releasing PO LoopSync, an niche Android app for playing audio loops sync'ed to Teenage Engineering's Pocket Operator devices. I built it with ClojureScript & browser tech (using Cordova, Reagent, webaudio, and shadow-cljs). I was particularly surprised/excited to be able to squeeze all this audio processing functionality & UI out of just 427 lines of ClojureScript code. 🤓

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Thomas Tay18:12:42

Cool! I've been looking into making apps too, would you say that there were any perf issues with Cordova that you had to lookout for, given you're doing audio work?


Super cool! I totally understand if not, but is there any chance it’s open source, or you might consider giving me a peek at it? I’m super curious about building iOS/Android apps with Clojure, and I’m not up to date with the state of the art there. No worries if not. Thanks!

Chris McCormick23:12:13

@U01E5ARK4AF there are performance issues in general doing audio in the browser, yes. I was able to get away with webaudio because the playback is very static (loops) so once the playback is queued up it basically just continues without a problem. When the user makes a change like muting a loop or volume change, I have to update the mix and I do this on an async thread so it doesn't interrupt the main playback. I am looking at ways to improve this using webaudio. An issue with Cordova is it uses whatever webview is in the OS, so if they have an old phone the webaudio implementation might require workarounds. One small upside of this is the binaries are tiny - my app is a couple of megabytes for example. People seem to value this.

Chris McCormick23:12:43

@U69US348Z I will open source it at some stage but I am not ready yet. You've given me a good idea though. I will put together a boilerplate/tutorial for building native apps with ClojureScript using Electron and Cordova and post it here. Thanks for your interest!

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@UUSQUGUF3 that’d be fantastic — I’m looking forward to it! Please let me know if you could use a beta reader for feedback, I’d be happy to help.

Thomas Tay00:12:26

Would equally appreciate that, if you do post it tag me!

Thomas Tay00:12:21

Ironic that web view binaries are small on mobile, while Electron is always (unfairly) criticized for being bloated

Chris McCormick00:12:19

Thanks, will do!