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Sam Ritchie00:11:36

Hey all, a full release of #sicmutils is on its way, but I wanted to share a fully fleshed out Clojure(script) implementation of Power Series that I've just pushed, built with all the beauty of Clojure's lazy sequences: I wrote it in literate programming style, so I'm sharing it in case anyone here's power-curious and wants to see how to do all sorts of arithmetic operations on infinite series (so wild). This is a port (and slight extension of) Doug McIlroy's functional pearl, "Power Series, Power Serious";rep=rep1&amp;type=pdf For context, this fits into the SICMUtils project as one of the backbone-required-types for a computer algebra system that can run in the browser. The API that wraps it, and makes the series implement IFn etc, lives here: Feedback welcome, and I'd love to hear if this is interesting! (Again, larger release on the way, but this is a fun read on its own.)

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Gleb Posobin16:11:32

This is very cool! I went through the first chapter of sicm last year, but in scheme. Great to see this library ported to clojure, I'll use it if I try going through the rest of the book. Anything you need help with?

Sam Ritchie19:11:40

Hi @UQ4RJ22EA! that's awesome, would love your feedback. That's a good Q - it depends on what you're interested in. The bigger aim I've got is integration into, a vision I describe here:

Sam Ritchie19:11:48

so one answer is, there are lots of pieces of the library that I've found really rewarding to work on. if you have a hunger to learn about functional numerics in Clojure, I can help you navigate , and there is a LOT to port from scmutils (not used by the book but very cool) that would be awesome. reverse mode automatic differentiation would be another I'd love help on

Sam Ritchie19:11:24

another answer is, I had completed many of the exercises for the project in scheme, and plan on porting them to Clojure, and then putting them into Maria:

Sam Ritchie19:11:47

so that would be great. But this is only a good answer if you're interested in the guts of the library, or going farther with the book!

Sam Ritchie19:11:00

lmk if you do any more of the book, and would love feedback on the Clojure port if you do try it. Thanks again!

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