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I am thrilled to announce that we have a new version of Calva out, v2.0.127, in which @stefan.van.den.oord has added support for Microsoft LiveShare. Meaning you can now work together (pair or mob programming, or whatever you fancy) on the same Clojure code files a bit Google Docs style. The host can share their REPL port and the guests and host can evaluate things towards the same app in this party mode. (It can get a bit weird though, as it is sometimes a bit of a mindfuck to figure out which app is actually evaluating things in this shared scenario. Think about a ClojureScript web app where the host has shared both the REPL and the web server ports. 😀) Read more about the LiveShare support in the Calva documentation Of course you are always welcome to the #calva channel to get further help in getting started.

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