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Alex Miller (Clojure team)02:09:47

clj (prerelease) is now available: • Classpath ordering changes. Classpath will always now be ordered extra-paths, paths, then libs. Libs are ordered by tree depth, then alpha. These changes both revert some ordering changes in the last stable release and go further in defining a reproducible classpath order. • clj -Stree re-enabled for now while we decide on best way to convey classpath-changing options to -Stree and -Spom • Windows scripts updated to latest • This prerelease version should be considered a release candidate for the next stable version! If you try it and have feedback, please leave it in #tools-deps

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Hi all, i’ve just released v0.5.0 with the following changes/fixes • new Prometheus publisher (thanks @brandon746) • Now with 10+ publishers • fixes to namespace tracking (thanks @ddouglass) • Zipkin publisher support for external trace ids • Updated dependencies. Online doc on cljdoc:

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Nice! I’ve been working on a new CLJ/S project and have configured my logging, but this has me curious. Do you see this used in combination with something like or as a replacement? The “Motivation” section of your docs has me thinking they work together. Apologies if this is not a great place to start this convo. Let me know if there is a better place. Thanks again, the library looks great!


TL;DR> Although possible, there are even supporting libraries, is something that in the general case I wouldn’t recommend. But every case is different so you are free to try and see how does it work for you.


Great. I can see this as a nice way to instrument the code with metrics and not be bound to a single provider library like iapetos - (Not a knock against this library - it works well)


A simple response unifier v0.1.0 has been released. The next generation of clj-unifier. Any feedback welcome.

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For what it's worth, I don't really know what a response unifier is or why I would want one, and I didn't really feel clearer on it after looking at the readme 🤷


@U077BEWNQ thank you for the feedback. I added rationale to the readme

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i feel more informed by this addition -- ty!