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Hi, while not strictly Clojure, I think this might be interesting for you if you touch Node.js or browsers. I created a EDN parser and generator for JS. Why? I needed a parser that allows streaming EDN data in Node.js, and I also wanted TypeScript support and I wanted to work with plain data in the JS world. If this sounds interesting to you, check it out: I am happy about any feedback or help improving the project 😊

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Thank you :)


I'm pleased to announce that I'm working on a new version of Pathom! The project still in progress, today Im here to announce the post with details about it, you can check it at The source for the new Pathom is available at Its a WIP, don't use yet.

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Vincent Cantin02:09:11

This looks awesome. I will use it in my framework.

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dynaload 0.2.2: better support for GraalVM binaries and LazyVar now implements IFn

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