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Karol Wójcik11:09:09

First release of cljss-react-jss v0.0.1: Library provides interop between css-in-cljs & react-jss. For now only Higher Order Components API is supported. SSR & regular client side styles generation works fine Example: Feedback welcome :)

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Lucy Wang01:09:49

How does it compare to ? I took a brief look and it looks like cljs-react-jss supports reagent component, but emotion-cljs only supports react components defined in js (e.g. material-ui). Cool!

Karol Wójcik05:09:29

@UP90Q48J3 Don’t know much about emotion-cljs. My motivation was to have fully working solution for both SSR on Node server and client side css generation. I wanted it to be as thin layer as only possible so I could transfer all the hard stuff on peeps from react-jss which is mature enough library. Therefore css-in-cljs is like react-jss but for cljs. HoC API is fully supported and it should work just fine. On the other hand there is still hook API to be implemented which is kinda experimental thing for Reagent, so I resist to implement it now.

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