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Hi everyone, The release 0.3.0 of PGMig is out. PGMig is a standalone PostgreSQL Migration Runner using Migratus. It's just like Migratus but it is compiled into a native binary. It can be used to execute sql migrations while developing without a lein plugin but it is also useful a as blazing fast init container for apps that are deployed to Kubernetes. What's new: - The latest and greatest Migratus - GraalVM updated to 20.1.0 - The docker build now uses the official graalvm-ce as a base image - Pre-built x86_64 linux docker image is available at [dockerhub]( Gihub: Enjoy, Kamil

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Toby Clemson12:08:49

Released 0.1.14 of cartus, now with a custom clojure.test assertion for checking that log events have occurred.

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#cljfx 1.7.5 is released! This release might be interesting for cljfx users who use contexts and subscriptions in their projects because it simplifies writing subscriptions — see for details.

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Daniel Slutsky19:08:57

Indeed useful to know. Thanks @U47G49KHQ @UPBGWFUM7!