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Vincent Cantin18:08:29

New release of Minimallist - v0.0.6 Added a describe function that parses data (similar to Clojure Spec’s s/conform function)

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New release of Context library - v0.1.2. Added two helpers functions. h/state-value function is now aware of clojure.lang.IDeref, so it is possible to use async value (future, promise) returned from start-fn. This may be helpful when you want to perform asynchronous connection to database and use it in another component.

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Shantanu Kumar19:08:42

New release of application configuration library Keypin v0.8.1 with bugfix and usability improvements:

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Hi folks! New release of Titanoboa (0.8.4) is out! Feel free to check it out, there are some bug fixes and also new UI for dependency management.

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