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Pitch: Let's make a non-commercial express-in-code game, create a new e-sports scene. It will be a new kind of games: players use a programming language to express/build/solve, with unbounded diverse scenarios, that can be installed via a link. Existing e-sports games are micro heavy or stale.

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Vincent Cantin11:07:21

Is it related to Clojure? If not, I suggest to move this to the #off-topic channel.


“what programming language will this prject use ? • clojure and/or clojurescript”

Quentin Le Guennec17:07:17

I may be interested

Alex Miller (Clojure team)13:07:19

clj and tools.deps.alpha 0.8.709 are now available. See for upgrade instructions.

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clj 15
Alex Miller (Clojure team)13:07:27

The primary change in this version is an update of the dependency expansion code around exclusion handling. In particular, when the same lib/version appears in the transitive dependency tree with different exclusion sets, the logic has been modified to use the intersection of the exclusion sets (exclude only those child libs excluded in all tree locations). Previously it was somewhat arbitrary which exclusion set would be used.

Alex Miller (Clojure team)13:07:30

In testing this, I've noticed that these cases are particularly likely to give confusing output with clj -Stree (the lib set is correct but the tree will often include a lib in a place where it is excluded). Plans are under way for a better -Stree.

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