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Just published a new version of Chlorine package for the Atom editor. In this 0.8.2 version, I added support for resolving promises "the right way" (the old way was by changing parts of the Clojure REPL and by using internal APIs from Shadow-CLJS - of course, it didn't survive 😅). This new version is using the new "Shadow-CLJS Relay API", so while still prone to change, it's a public API so it's more stable, not a hack anymore, and it works 100% of the time! Discussions on #chlorine 🙂

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By the way, here's a GIF explaining better what is this support for Promises. You'll need a recent Shadow-CLJS version for it to work, and to toggle "experimental features" on the configs:

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A small utility for finding which namespaces your project uses are the slowest: I wrote it to see about choosing lighter dependencies in my projects/libraries. (goes well with for finding out the impact AOT has on speedup)

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Just released antq ver 0.5.0, Tool to point out your outdated dependencies. Supports Maven S3 repositories now!

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