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I've received quite a few messages to make Fork work solely with Reagent. Well, I've finally found some spare time over the weekend to finally make this happen. 🙂 V2.0.0 is out with a few extra improvements as well. 🍴

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Chris McCormick12:06:55

Glad to find out about this library, looks very useful, thank you. 🙏

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Thank you for the nice words 😊


Perfect timing. I was planning to start using Fork this week

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Adam Helins18:06:24

A new tiny CLJS library for more accurate alternatives to setTimeout and setInterval which leverage web workers: For instance, those timers are not throttled to once per second when the tab is inactive and every (alternative to setInterval) tries to offer drift protection. I personally use them to schedule MIDI music in a rather timing-intensive fashion and they perform surprisingly well.

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Nice! I may actually have a use case for this in the near future.

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Lennart Buit19:06:47

Wasn’t being intentionally crippled by browsers to remedy timing attacks?


That’s great, thx! Was just getting ready to port this over for a web audio project but now don’t need to.

Adam Helins06:06:11

@U5J5ME2NQ Interesting, I was not aware of that article but the lookahead strategy is exactly what I am using with web MIDI and I confirm it works really well. Depending on what you do, you can go pretty low regarding that lookahead window. @UDF11HLKC I believe that by default, if enabled, the result gets rounded to 1 ms which is not that bad and anyway, I guess this is the best we can do in the browser.

Chris McCormick11:06:46

@U5J5ME2NQ you can see an example of that technique implemented in Clojurescript here: