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Heikki Hämäläinen06:05:21

Little tutorial of creating a small web-server with ClojureScript, Macchiato and Reitit:

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Hi Heikki! Thanks for posting -- next time I'd recommend putting it in #news-and-articles instead; we try to reserve #announcements for library announcements 🙂

Heikki Hämäläinen16:05:11

Thanks, will do that gladly!

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Could it be that you’ve forgotten to add a :require for http in ‘Making minimal Machiato Server’?

Heikki Hämäläinen18:05:35

@U04V5VAUN It is on the branch “02_add_minimal_macchiato” but not in the example which is not complete namespace. But now I noticed that I forgot to push the branches to GitHub (pushed now). See the git checkout 02_add_minimal_macchiato for full example of that part.


Just published a new version of Socket REPL package for the Atom editor: Chlorine, version 0.7.2 On this release, dropping ink external dependency (people that work with Socket REPL will have to upgrade a command to remove inline results) and added support for custom renderers. Documentation is still missing, but it'll come little by little, so feel free to ping me at #chlorine channel or start a thread here 🙂.

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