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Run TLA+ operators anywhere (made in Clojure and GraalVM compiled), there is an example with #babashka =D

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[com.wsscode/async "1.0.6"] is out. This is a bug fix introduced by a change in 1.0.5, where in the com.wsscode.async-cljs.clj I switched from cljs.core.async to clojure.core.async. And as I found after a lot of debugging, this can introduce compilation errors in cljs that are hard to track down, so if you using this library in version 1.0.5 I highly encourage this upgrade.

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Just released antq ver 0.2.0, Tool to point out your outdated dependencies.

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nice, I saw there is no gradle support. for gradle users (clojurephant) there is

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Spire version 0.1.0-alpha.8 released! - Updated sci to 0.0.13-alpha.19 - implement local execution context - extend shell module environment

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