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Adam Helins07:05:41

After a first preliminary version, here is an engine for doing discrete-event simulation and much more: It is a bit of a long read, but I hope it will introduce you to a few interesting ideas. It is my rather deep reflection on the role of time in computation which takes ideas from simulation in order to generalize them to programs in general. Data science, animations, event-driven programs, and much more. By being purely functional and by mixing idioms from Clojure (eg. interceptors/coffee grinders), I believe the design is quite unusual for that sort of things. Besides, I took great care ensuring it is ready for distributed computing. It is also a reflection on how we can build programs that are completely serializable, taking care of those unfriendly bits (functions, infinite sequences, etc). I found that framing a fair share of my programs as simulations has served me right, and I hope it will do the same to you!

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> Besides, I took great care ensuring it is ready for distributed computing. fdat is starting to make much more sense to me now :)

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lambdaisland/glogi {:mvn/version "1.0.63"} is out, an idiomatic ClojureScript front-end for goog.log, with improved heuristics for when to colorize output (browsers), when to output objects directly (cljs-devtools), or when to format to plain text (node, graaljs)

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metosin/spec-tools 0.10.2 is out with large number of small bug fixes. Special thanks to @iagwanderson, who contributed 10 PRs for this release!

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Thanks for your patience ;)

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