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I did an integration for Apache OFBiz ERP and clojure repl - Github is here and there is also a video; . Right now it's just the repl inside ofbiz and access to ofbiz services.

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That’s pretty awesome — I think I might try to do something very similar with Moqui…


Thanks and good luck. Did not know about Moqui


Moqui looks awesome, I’d also never seen it. Anyone familiar with other similar free/open-source tools that provide something like an ERP over an API? On the commercial front I’ve seen and

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over API I don't know - but there are a few of them - OFBiz is one - a bit older but I am checking it out - seems to have potential. . Scipio uses OFBiz underneath - java based. Python:


Ah I forgot erpnext! They’re awesome


yes, I would like to bring some clojure love to OFBiz


Last I looked at OFBiz it scared me off 🙂


I did the repl and now I'm looking at fulcro


But I’d like to be wrong on that


I think fulcro api over OFBiz is something that might be doable


Awesome, Fulcro RAD would be a nice layer atop ERP APIs


I’m working in a similar space but more focused on CRM than ERP


I'm looking for an ERP to grow my business and maybe offer to clients as well


anything online?


I’d start with running ERPNext, in a Docker container or similar. I looked a bit at ERPNext last year at a previous job, as well as OFBiz, Odoo, etc. Retail ecommerce use-cases. ERPNext seems to be the best balance of FOSS, maturity, functionality, and sanity with regard to customization (it’s just Python, Frappe framework is interesting, and there’s some sort of REST API)


Note if you want to host ERPNext for others, there may be a licensing issue


But building atop its API may be different (I’m not a lawyer, etc 😀)


Thanks. More reasons to stick with OFBiz. I have settled on Clojure and ClojureScript as primary languages in the company and it limits projects to Java an JS


When I have something with fulcro I will ping you, maybe you would like to contribute


Fulcro and OFBiz might be a good pair


Conjure v3 is out! A full rewrite! * It runs entirely inside Neovim's LuaJIT now. No extra JVM or AOT compile step involved. * It's written in Fennel, a Lisp, and compiled to Lua using Aniseed * Based on nREPL (and optional CIDER middleware) now instead of prepl. So it works with shadow-cljs/babashka etc! * It supports more than Clojure, so far it's just Fennel+Aniseed but I'll be adding Racket and Janet (and more!) ASAP. I hope it's interesting to non-Conjure users and a welcome upgrade for users of older versions! Enjoy 🎉 😄

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#cljfx 1.7.0 is released! Cljfx is a declarative, functional and extensible wrapper of JavaFX inspired by better parts of react and re-frame. Notable changes since the previous announcement: - added handling of cljfx.skip-javafx-initialization java property that solves most AOT-related issues, see - bumped JavaFX dependency to latest release; - added some more props to various nodes and improved cache invalidation for memoization contexts.

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