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Chris McCormick04:04:04

Fleck (Clojure-like LISP) v0.1.0 is out. Changes: • (sh! 'echo ["hello world!"]) = better interop returning stdout, stderr, return code. • (str-pos haystack needle) returning the position of haystack within needle.

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\>:) its a clojure-lisp heyday

Ahmed Hassan08:04:55

How does it compare with Closh and Oil Shell?

Chris McCormick08:04:11

i don't know oil shell so i can't speak to that. some differences from closh: • closh is implemented in real clojure[script] on the JVM or node, whereas flk is a hack on top of bash (the only dependency is bash 4). • closh is an actual shell whereas this is intended to make scripting nicer where you only have bash available, rather than using it as your every day shell.

Chris McCormick08:04:15

projects like babashka and closh are significantly more powerful and complete because they are built with real clojure.

Chris McCormick08:04:26

what i think makes flk useful in certain niches is that it runs on top of bash alone and can compile to a pure bash script. so if bash is all you have got available on the platform you are targeting, and you just want to write some small scripts using a clojure-like syntax, then this might be useful.

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This looks like a terrific fit for that niche! Also parts of the FAQ really cracked me up 😂

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babashka, a native tool for Clojure scripting, v0.0.85-v0.0.89: Add, support for next.jdbc + postgres and more follow up in #babashka 🎉 happy weekend!

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