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We've had several new releases of Kaocha, the flexible and friendly test runner, bugfix releases for kaocha-cljs and kaocha-boot, and the first release in a while for lambdaisland/uri. Details in the comments, follow-up #lambdaisland.

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kaocha 0.0-601 - fixed: Namespaces where the ns form can not be read by tools.readers are now reported as a test failure, rather than being quietly ignored. kaocha 0.0-597 - added: Added support in the reporter for the =? macro as used in Expectations (thanks [@U11EL3P9U]( 🎉) kaocha 0.0-590 - fixed: Fix support for dynamic bindings with set! in watch mode. (thanks [@frenchy64]( - fixed: Fixes support for :config hooks in the hooks plugin. kaocha 0.0-581 - changed: Breaking change! Focus/skip options are now applied in two passes, once for options in tests.edn, once for command-line/REPL options. The result is that command line options can only narrow the set of tests to be run. (thanks [@UB0EMUD34]( kaocha 0.0-573 - added: Added #meta-merge reader literal for tests.edn. (thanks [@RickyMoynihan]( kaocha-cljs 0.0-71 - fixed: Depend on an actual version of Glogi, instead or "RELEASE" kaocha-boot 0.0-20 - fixed: Inherit dependencies in Boot pod without modification (thanks [@U0JCBNKPZ]( uri 1.2.1 - changed: Remove dependencies on ClojureScript and data.json. - changed: Added type hints to avoid reflection (thanks @U05049FGA!) - added: lambdaisland.uri.normalize/normalize, for normalizing URI instances.


We have several more things in the pipeline, more Kaocha improvements, a CLJC version of deep-diff, and the first releases of lambdaisland/regal, lambdaisland/edn-lines and lambdaisland/fetch. If our work is useful to you then please become a backer at 🙏:skin-tone-2: kaocha🎈 🎉


Ardoq is happy to announce It's basically a stripped down version of Metosins which only purpose is to generate swagger documentation for your compojure-routes and specs I wouldn't suggest using this for green-field stuff because I'd probably choose another routing library like Metosins or some other data based lib.

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Related, since you mentioned reitit. For green-field it might be interesting to consider: A swagger (now open-api) first solution built with reitit and ring

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