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Hi everyone, I'm pleased to announce the release of re-graph is a GraphQL client for Clojurescript and Clojure with re-frame bindings and support for queries, subscriptions and mutations over websocket or HTTP. This release in particular has had a lot of contributions from the community for which I am very thankful! This release changes: • The signature of the `mutate` function which incorrectly took a single vector but now takes varargs in the same way as `query` (thanks This release adds support for: • Synchronous `mutate` and `query` (Clojure only) (thanks • Specifying the websocket sub-protocol (thanks • Aborting operations via HTTP (experimental) This release improves: • Error handling will no longer overwrite the status or message from the server if they are present (thanks • The examples in the readme (thanks Available now on Clojars

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