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seancorfield/readme {:mvn/version "1.0.8"} -- -- initial release of a simple library that turns your examples into executable tests! -- follow-up in #testing

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That is a very cool idea. Can this be extended to doc strings (à la doctests)?


I once played with the docstrings idea, but never did take it much further.


I like it. Very clean API.


As suggested to me in #clojurescript I am reposting this here: In the course of building a byte field diagram generator I’m creating to port some big LaTeX documents to Asciidoctor/Antora, I have ported Analemma ( to .cljc so it works in ClojureScript as well as Clojure, and (with David Liebke’s permission) posted a canonical release to Clojars.

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Jakub Holý (HolyJak)19:03:56

Readme still reads "Clojure-based", change to Clojure(Script)?


The Readme is in some strange format called textile which is pretty opaque to me, so I was afraid to mess with it. I also rationalized ClojureScript as being Clojure-based. 😄 A pull request would be welcome if you think it’s important, though.

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