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Spire is a new project building a pragmatic system provisioner as a clojure DSL. It can be used in place of older tools like ansible, fabric, capistrano and the like and works in a similar fashion. The first alpha pre-release (0.1.0-alpha.1) is up for people willing to test and experiment. Things could change and there is much documentation to write, so open tickets for whatever doesn't work or should be present. Available here:

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@U1QQJJK89 Does it also make sense to use spire for when you are already on the instance? I’m thinking about an AWS userdata script. I can imagine the Spire dsl offers some benefits there over self-written install logic (e.g. even when written in Babashka)


You can use it to localhost if you want. Although its primarily intended to "reach out" from your local workstation to remote machines. You can also make scripts with a shebang that will take arguments on the command line to do things or pick targets.


If you do use it in an interesting way like this, let me know.


I'm not exactly sure how people will use it. Time will tell...


@U0FT7SRLP when you're already on the machine, you might also want to be looking at dad by @UBL24PLE6:

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maybe they can even work in complement


Cool! Thank you both!


you could deploy dad to the machine(s) with spire!

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This is great - I'm currently refactoring some of our infra setup and out of frustration I had to put Ansible in a docker container, as managing python dependencies and packages is becoming challenging. I will try it out in my spare time and see if an equivalent of Ansible's docker_container module is feasible 😉

Captain Porcelain15:02:30

Not sure if anybody is interested in this, but I was frustrated in the state of the marginalia documentation generator. I've forked it to include deps support, the unmerged pr for an open reader bug and theming support.

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I was in your position as well. So far, only cljdoc works for me.


So, thanks a lot for working on this! This can be really useful.

Captain Porcelain15:02:25

Maybe give sidenotes a try and let me know if it is useful to you.


Don't know how hard it would be to port cljdoc's theme to this.

Captain Porcelain16:02:21

I haven't used cljdoc so far, so I can't say anything about the effort.


Here is an example: Looks really clean. Kind of similar to how Github renders documentation.

Captain Porcelain16:02:46

Yes, it's really clean but quite different from what marginalia and sidenotes create.