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Hi Mike! Is there an easy way to summarize why someone would choose to use pbuilder rather than badigeon, ie what pbuilder's main value add is?


pbuilder is used for my internal purposes and I share it for community as is. Motivation to build it was: 1. using badigeon directly you should adapt its code for your needs and put sources directly to project. it is not convenient for several teams, cause we need some standard way to build CI/CD ( as Leiningen provides). It becomes unmanageable if several teams produce their own sources. 2. there is no release of badigeon on clojars, so there is no jar which we can use in Maven infrastructure. It prevents from using Badigeon in private enterprise network where Maven infrastructure is a standard. 3. we need something that Leiningen provides in project lifecycle but for tools.deps world. Badigeon is best candidate for tools.deps world IMO but it provides a core low level functionality. We need simple standard command for example to make release a library or to build uberjar without sources. Using Badigeon directly is too low level and you should make too many movements. I made a high level wrapper which is enough for us.


That all makes sense. Thanks!

Ivar Refsdal10:02:22

Nice tool! I also found badigeon too low level. PS. Have you considered building docker images with this tool directly from the JVM? pack.alpha [1] does this. My own (undocumented) tool pikkpakk [2], which is fairly compatible with pack.alpha, also does this + AOT compiles reachable code by default. [1] [2]

Daniel Slutsky10:02:31

Some parts of the international Clojure DataScience meetup in Berlin this Thursday will be live streamed. For updates and discussion, follow the this thread: For more details, it is recommended to use this Zulip stream:


Appreciate the update! This channel is primarily for release announcements, however. Check out #events for meetup announcements etc.

Daniel Slutsky17:02:25

Thanks, @U06B8J0AJ, and sorry for the conusion!

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