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new version of available. morpheus can generate graphs of a project’s variables. new version generates navigable SVGs. it also implements datafy protocols if you want to use the API instead of the CLI. powered by clj-kondo

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interesting! what kind of question would be answered by these graphs?


suppose it helps you visualise the dependencies of a given function in your code on the var level


Thanks, awesome stuff

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Its interesting. I was thinking if I am new to a code base, maybe visualizing a function this way might help. But I am still yet to try.


maybe the graph could be used to spot things in the code that could be refactored — like a function which bridges two other functions but has no other incoming or outgoing edges: maybe good candidate to inline

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yeah good use case too @U3ZPBUVJ7


do you see it could be integrated into editors?


don't see any reason why not. apart from dependency on graphiz being installed


> suppose it helps you visualise the dependencies of a given function in your code on the var level ah, like a clj-refactor.el find-usages. great!


I've used lein plugins like this before to understand an unfamiliar code base and refactor it. This is awesome!


I just released vim-iced v1.0.0, Clojure Interactive Development Environment for Vim8/Neovim

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Is there some "why vim-iced?", or/and something about differences from existing vim clojure plugins (like e.g. fireplace)?


@UTQEPUEH4 Currently, there is no comparison with other vim plugins.


Looks super nice!


@UTQEPUEH4 I think writing something like that would be difficult since the plugins change all the time. Based on my experience with both, vim-fireplace has a quasi-repl and supports evaluating code in a buffer, while vim-iced only does the latter. vim-iced is a more complete solution, in that you just run iced repl and it will start your lein/boot/deps project, without having to tweak the configs to add nrepl and so on.


I could probably go on with mentioning all the differences, but maybe this isn't the right place [=