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andy.fingerhut00:02:09 has been updated from Clojure 1.9.0 to Clojure 1.10.1 today. Thanks to site creator and maintainer Zachary Kim and I believe also Ilya Bernshteyn for helping with the update.

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Just published Chlorine version 0.4.7, socket REPL package for Atom. It adds autocomplete for bb v0.0.71 🙂. In this version, it Chlorine is also trying to get rid of an old dependency called Ink that, on my profiles, showed that can slow down older computers. It's behind a configuration (enable experimental features) because it can be unstable...

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I think it's time for me to try this whole setup on Windows...


org.clojure/tools.cli {:mvn/version "1.0.194"} -- -- tools for working with command line arguments -- is now following the MAJOR.MINOR.COMMITS versioning scheme per other Contribs listed above. Follow-up in #clojure

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FYI the releases page is still showing an older release as the latest:


It says "Show 2 newer tags"


Yes, I saw that


I’m super familiar with the releases feature of GitHub… I just shared this because this situation can sometimes trip up people who are not familiar with it


If someone’s in a rush they could easily miss that link


Contrib projects have tags created via the Maven release process. I guess I accidentally created a GitHub release for 0.4.1 for some reason...


Your call if you want to do something about this, but I’d suggest that it could be a little confusing to sometimes create a “release” entity for a release and sometimes not do so.


It’d be perfectly reasonable to delete that release entity


Deleted the GH release 🙂




No idea why I created a GH release for 0.4.1. Must have been having a bad day 👀

bartuka17:02:31 --- small project that might be ready for some users! Lightweight database based on datascript with durable store and time travel for Clojure(Script). Not everything must be highly scalable and distributed! Sometimes I just need SQLite and now I can have it with datalog all over the place 😃

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How does it compare to datahike (#datahike)?


I think the main point is that it doesn't scale and distribute. It only runs on one machine I guess.


I think datahike supports just writing to a directory/files on disk, without needing a database (postgres/h2). Since this lib also supports CLJS > localstorage, that doesn't seem like a big leap?


btw, interesting project, thanks for sharing bartuka


Didn't know that 🙂


It's the closest datomic thing to sqlite that I know of


@U04V15CAJ cool, if I had found this last month probably I wouldn't write this from scratch! haha I will take a look at datahike when have sometime available!


I think a big difference is that datahike persists all indexes, whereas this rebuilds the other indexes from datoms each time it starts up:

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> if I had found this last month probably I wouldn’t write this from scratch! I wonder if it might be helpful to have a dedicated channel for “Has anyone already solved this problem?” or “Does this library already exist?” kinds of questions. :thinking_face:



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hahah! I have to be honest, my search was very poor and I learned so much in the process of making it! hehe But in fact, this channel is necessary!!!

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Andy Wootton22:02:02

Alternative interpretation of graphs: a lot of tinkering was converted to real work and companies that use Clojure grew fast.

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@U064X3EF3 Looks like the org size is reported twice instead of # people using Clojure?


some of the images have text labels that end in "..." -- that makes it a bit difficult to know what is being referred to exactly. is there something i'm missing that might help me to see the labels more fully?

Alex Miller (Clojure team)02:02:58

if you go to the full results (linked at top and bottom), you can dive into or download all the data in detail


Clojure really is a work tool. This is Calva users over the last two months. Roughly half the numbers during weekends, and see what happened during x-mas. (If you think you see a general increasing trend, I agree with you. I think Clojure is growing as we speak. Homebrew install stats indicates the same.)

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Alex Miller (Clojure team)23:02:40

and some of my own feedback on the open text results:

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