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walmartlabs/vizdeps 0.2.0 vizdeps is a Leiningen plugin that uses Graphviz to present your project's dependency tree as a diagram. It's especially useful for identifying and resolving version conflicts. This release of vizdeps works with Leiningen 2.8 and above.

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It's also still compatible with 2.7.1.


I’m happy to announce that Fulcro RAD now has an alpha-quality release. Fulcro RAD is a set of rapid-application development libraries that allow you to select a storage back-end (e.g. SQL, Datomic, etc.), a default rendering front-end (e.g. Semantic UI Web, Bootstrap Web, React Native, Electron, etc.) and generate everything from database schema, to a network API, to a fully-functioning UI. This first release has support for forms, a single web renderer, and Datomic (with SQL in the works). Adapters and plugins should be relatively trivial to implement for any React-based UI, and storage system. and there is a start on a developer’s guide here: NOTE: This is very alpha software; however it is already capable of doing reasonably complex full-stack forms in new or existing Fulcro applications. I’m working rapidly to make the documentation more complete, and the demo easier to run.

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