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Hi guys! Just tried to summarize some of my thoughts on clustering and Kubernetes in my latest blog post: Though it relates to clojure only remotely, still I talk there about how titanoboa's stateless cluster works so it still might be of interest. Feedback welcome!

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This is really interesting, I liked the history.


Sounds promising :) OTOH isn't Embedded Clustering sort of an oxymoron? It seems to me that you can't do distributed programming (i.e. a HA setup) an a self-contained manner.


@U45T93RA6 yeah you are right, I mean by it basically "clustering capabilities embedded in the application" - as opposed to using an external clustering framework... I used "embedded" just to reference embedded http servers.

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The link to hacker news is broken.


@U09LZR36F thanks will fix it


It seems to me that you can't do distributed programming (i.e. a HA setup) an a self-contained manner.
` @U45T93RA6 why not? What if you were to abstract the http layer?


HA is about e.g. restoring machines if they go down. Generally this implies a supervisor, or "master" thing (like a load balancer); a given server instance cannot manage the case where that instance itself goes down


ah I agree that it will not be more than a simulation, but it could be a very good one? Good enough to not have to think about it (too much)? I'm assuming here you can rely on a stable context (e.g. AWS ELB's and autoscaling for instance)


Or am I talking about something else now?


Something we don't have in our software, that we expect of software in front of us, is stability.


We expect our programs to fail.


What if you could simulate that like the chaos monkey, but than embedded. I agree stability cannot be expected, I do think you can make particular choices to have very stable software


Sure. My point was thinking about downtime and reaction latency.

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Daniel Slutsky16:12:13

Ludovic Courtès of the GuixHpc project kindly agreed to talk about Guix-Jupyter reproducible notebooks in an online meeting with the Clojure community. Please mark your preferred times:


Just published a companion Youtube channel to Between Two Parens and started it off with a beginner series for how I setup Atom for Clojure development

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Can't see any videos.


hmmm…that’s odd. What do you see? Maybe it’s just the link I provided :thinking_face:


Can see now.

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the multiple short videos format is appreciated :thumbsup: particularly liked the spelling out of why certain things were being demonstrated. also, the references to some other resources (e.g. one of ericnormand's pages), but also that not everything at a certain page was necessary (e.g. skipping lein install).


also, in the 3rd video (the chlorine one), it's nice that you show how to get a socket repl via -J-D... -- i think i didn't hear any mention that there is something one can do to not have to enter this at the command line repeatedly (e.g. deps.edn and/or project.clj modification). may be that might get covered in another video? 🙂


i noticed there didn't seem to be much coverage of keybindings (there was a bit in bringing up the command palette, true). one of the things i found unfortunate about atom is the plethora of keybinding conflicts. i think this is worth knowing early and also some things one can do to cope. also i think it's worth pointing out that it's not difficult to set up custom keybindings and that's likely something that will be a part of one's atom-using life.


hey @UG1C3AD5Z! Your comments are much appreciated 🙂 I am actually going to add a video for the key bindings because I agree that those require a little more to configure and I also think one on the short cuts for CLJis a wonderful idea. Thank you again for taking the time to let me know what worked and what I can do better!! In the meantime, if you are looking for how I setup keybindings/my global clojure config take a look at these: • clojure config • chlorine hotkeys


good to hear you have plans for a video with keybindings 🙂 i looked at you deps.edn file -- in my case, since i tend to switch among multiple projects, i have several aliases for socket repls (e.g. :sock, :sock2, :sock3). i'd like to only have one and get it to choose a random or unused port, but haven't worked on that yet. as for hotkeys, i see you went for single letters -- possibly removing the initial C-; from the default suggestions on chlorine's page i guess (and some other changes it looks like). i have too much muscle memory for single letters already and think they are likely to conflict with other things too easily, so i have the non-vi defaults. whatever works well for each 🙂 fwiw, i use to cope with diagnosing keybinding issues. good luck with the next(?) video. may be there's some way to get some of the keys you type to show up on the screen. (i was curious as to exactly what you were typing when doing parinfer.)

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Also, I would like to point that Chlorine supports shadow-cljs (and it will support figwheel too in the future), so if there are people interested in ClojureScript development they probably should go to shadow instead of Lumo

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(to be honest, Lumo support is only because it works without any modifications to the code 😄)

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Aqua's release 0.2.1 sheepy • offset value coming both in pixels and percent (0 to 1) • jumpy and fast scrolling handling to avoid glitches and lag out of the box

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This looks super nice! I almost get the urge to add some scroll animations just because. 😃

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Ahahah yeah right? 😄 thanks!