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We initial-released for provisioning of Single-Node K8s Instances. We use this setup to deploy cheap & low traffic applications in a K8s way. Feedback & Stars are welcome :-)


parcera has now reached v0.10.0 . Special thanks to @dominicm for so much feedback of Clojure syntax used on the wild which I didnt initially consider.


libpython-clj has a new release 1.23. • Conda support. We should now work automatically if you have activated your conda environment. Conda is IMO the best (read: works with binary dependencies in the best way) package manager for Python. • Python objects now implement hashCode and .equals and use python semantics for these. • Bugfixes around passing infinite sequences to python. Python generators make lazy sequences in clojure and clojure sequences are python iterables and work correctly with itertools.


Just watched your talk about it. I really think this is an awesome project. Being able to use Python libraries as if they were Clojures, that's awesome


Its almost like having a ClojurePython dialect 😝


Thanks! We really are moving fast that direction. Things are quite a bit further along that pathway now that we have require-python and conda support.


Dreaming about language-interop, clojure could allow extensiosn in the ns-loading process

  (:extensions [libpython-clj.python/ns-init])
  (:python-modules ["numpy" :as np])
  (:require [,,,]))


@ - Please join us at - that is a good idea. Actually, along those lines we would also like to extend compliment so that people using compliment-based intellisense systems (emacs company-mode and vim) would get intellisense for python objects.