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We initial-released for provisioning of Single-Node K8s Instances. We use this setup to deploy cheap & low traffic applications in a K8s way. Feedback & Stars are welcome :-)


parcera has now reached v0.10.0 . Special thanks to @dominicm for so much feedback of Clojure syntax used on the wild which I didnt initially consider.

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libpython-clj has a new release 1.23. ā€¢ Conda support. We should now work automatically if you have activated your conda environment. Conda is IMO the best (read: works with binary dependencies in the best way) package manager for Python. ā€¢ Python objects now implement hashCode and .equals and use python semantics for these. ā€¢ Bugfixes around passing infinite sequences to python. Python generators make lazy sequences in clojure and clojure sequences are python iterables and work correctly with itertools.

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Just watched your talk about it. I really think this is an awesome project. Being able to use Python libraries as if they were Clojures, that's awesome


Its almost like having a ClojurePython dialect šŸ˜


Thanks! We really are moving fast that direction. Things are quite a bit further along that pathway now that we have require-python and conda support.

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Dreaming about language-interop, clojure could allow extensiosn in the ns-loading process

  (:extensions [libpython-clj.python/ns-init])
  (:python-modules ["numpy" :as np])
  (:require [,,,]))


@U2J4FRT2T - Please join us at - that is a good idea. Actually, along those lines we would also like to extend compliment so that people using compliment-based intellisense systems (emacs company-mode and vim) would get intellisense for python objects.