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Ivan Fedorov17:11:48

Videos from the Russian Clojure conference, featuring: - Niqola Ryzhikov – Test front on the back. clj, cljs, re-frame + some engineering thoughts - Vlad Bokov – Hacking on clojure.core & runtime - Ivan Grishaev – Datalog on top of SQL - Mike Ananev (Sberbank) – Data ecosystems. Data-driven approach to build a B2B metadata system. - Lev Rasskazov - Managing stateful objects and dependencies between them - Alexey Kudryavtsev (Arrival) - Versioning in Datomic: Beyond History API

Ivan Fedorov17:11:37

Join us next October! Moscow is full of nice places, well worth making a visa. We’ll make sure you’re warmly welcome 🙂