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Daniel Slutsky07:11:21

Here is the Malli meeting video: Many thanks to @ikitommi for the talk, and to @teodorlu for moderating.

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@U066L8B18 Hey, thanks for putting this together. Where do we find scicloj on Clojurians Slack?


in slack, probably in #data-science , but things really happen in zulip

Daniel Slutsky10:11:41

Thanks. Yes, in Zulip there are specific streams for certain projects, and for certain aspects of community building. scicloj-org mentioned by @U0525KG62 is the main zulip stream for the people who have decided to be involved in discussing goals and priorities of scicloj community building. It is a private stream, not because it is secret, but as a practice to keep discussions focused on a task group spirit (rather than the broader, public data-science stream). Everybody are invited to join, of course.


org.clojure/core.memoize {:mvn/version "0.8.2"} -- pluggable memoization based on org.clojure/core.cache {:mvn/version "0.8.2"}; -- provides an easier way to build your own memoization caches via memoizer (the old, harder way with build-memoizer should be considered deprecated); fixes seed function. Follow-up via DM or in #clojure


Firefox 71 (beta, developer edition) just received built-in Clojure(Script) syntax highlighting.

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