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Clojurists Together is going to be funding 4 projects $9,000 each. Check out what kinds of projects our members are looking for: Applications close Saturday, October 26th, 2019 at 11:59pm PST.

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Oops, October 26th!


> The developments on Fireplace and CIDER were of no use for us, because we use Cursive. I hope the next projects won't only benefit VIM/Emacs users. A strange perspective, I think. There is a super easy way to sponsor Cursive already!

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I guess the request is for general-purpose clojure enhancements.


"Could do better" > Recurring, monthly sponsorship of certain "essential" projects (e.g. leiningen and cider come to mind) Good idea but people should look into Patreon for this kind of thing.


There's other donation options too (configurable behind the sponsors button Github for example)


> The developments on Fireplace and CIDER were of no use for us, because we use Cursive. I hope the next projects won't only benefit VIM/Emacs users. CIDER, (specifically cider-nrepl, refactor-nrepl) is editor-agnostic tooling. You certainly can leverage it from a vanilla repl, or from arbitrary participating editors Best explained in this series:


If I were to think very hard, the only thing that I'm "missing" is a good code-analysis tool for Clojure.


Not saying SonarCube is the greatest thing ever, but some of the things it brings to the table is quite useful.


I guess making a tool of some sort which integrates some of the stuff found here would be of interest.


@U04V5VAUN: Coming soon πŸ™‚ available, but its github counterpart is still private since we cannot offer support to the wider public yet πŸ™‚ Bundles Eastwood, bikeshed, cljfmt, kondo et al. Open to arbitrary formatters/linters via a simple protocol. Aiming to a release around december


I sto^H^H^Hforked some code some time ago and hacked a bit on it to do


It's a very simple (and probably bad) code-complexity analyzer.

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funding cider funds cider.el & cider-nrepl. So it's not all agnostic. However, all of the major free editors have been funded now I think (maybe not atom/chlorine?). And vscode/fireplace/cider all benefited from each others.

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But I understand how perception could be that way.


I actually don't care that much if I'm going to use all the specific tools that Clojurists Together funds. Investing in better tooling is good for the community overall and I'm benefiting from a better, bigger community.

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New book release 0.11.0 sheepy sheepy sheepy Adaptive Learning Rates: RMSprop and Adam

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New & improved exoscale/ex (formerly mpenet/ex) is available ->

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