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Malli Schema Playground! (inspired by web-tools by @borkdude) -

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first time I’ve seen a playground. so much better than a readme. has anyone figured out how to embed it in a readme?


maybe take a look at how @U0L91U7A8 does it with klipse?

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Filipe Silva11:10:08

Heya all, I've just published It is focused on making it easy for JS and React developers to get started with ClojureScript. You can use it via npx create-cljs-app my-app or yarn create cljs-app my-app. That will create an app on my-app that has preconfigured scripts for building, testing, e2e, linting, and formatting. Everything works on Linux, OSX, and Windows. I'm not super well aligned with idiomatic CLJS usage so if you think there's something that should be done in another way please let me know. A couple of big thank yous: @roman01la for providing the create-cljs-app npm package and making zlint-clj support whole dirs, @borkdude for helping me distribute clj-kondo on npm, and @thheller for making the awesome shadow-cljs that the starter uses

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Filipe Silva11:10:51

Together with the above, clj-kondo is now on npm too via You can install it globally or locally and run it as usual. It will use native binaries where available and fallback to the jar file otherwise.

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Alex Miller (Clojure team)15:10:41

tools.deps.alpha 0.8.578, clj are now available

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Alex Miller (Clojure team)15:10:01

These releases are now available in the usual places. Changes: * Add support for :deps and :paths in aliases to replace the equivalent project :deps and :paths - see below * TDEPS-29 - fix -Sgen unnecessary newlines in generated pom in Java 9+ (big thanks to the tip in ask.clojure by Andrey Antukh!) * TDEPS-138 - add tools.deps.alpha.reader/user-deps-location function The big change here is to support replacement :deps and :paths in aliases, designed for tools that don't require the project classpath. In these cases, you can use :deps (and :paths if needed, although that's probably uncommon) instead of :extra-deps (or :extra-paths) to set the tool's classpath (and ignore the project :deps entirely). This can reduce the risk of conflicts between the tool classpath and the project classpath. For example, you could configure depot in a deps.edn as follows:

  {:deps {olical/depot {:mvn/version "1.8.4"}}
   :main-opts ["-m" "depot.outdated.main"]}}}
And run it with clj -A:depot. Here, the :deps replaces the project deps so there is less risk of conflict between depot's deps and your own project deps. Additionally, I would encourage you to install tools like this not in your project deps.edn, but once in your ~/.clojure/deps.edn instead. Note that is not applicable to every tool - some tools (test runners in particular) rely on running in the context of your project classpath and thus I would not recommend any changes to how they are configured (they should still use :extra-deps, etc).


There's an irony there: Depot 1.8.4 actually will use the project deps by default and does The. Right. Thing. and that is how we use it. Depot 2.x does not -- it reads the deps.edn files you tell it, and that actually breaks our setup.


Are :config-user and :config-project new in -Sdescribe @U064X3EF3 or have I just not noticed them before?

Alex Miller (Clojure team)16:10:47

doh. yes, :config-user and :config-project are new in -Sdescribe as well