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kharbo [5:25 PM] An alpha release of Clojupyter-0.2.3 is now available on Github (branch: release/0.2.3alpha1), Clojars, and Anaconda Cloud. Highlights from - Add support for conda install of Clojupyter supporting installs on Linux, MacOS, and Windows - if you have Anaconda, all you have to do is ‘conda install -c simplect clojupyter’ - Add support for using Clojupyter as a library where resulting standalone jar knows how to install itself as a Jupyter kernel (similar to lein-jupyter, but without depending on Leiningen) - Improve and extend command line interface for managing installed kernels Reports of experiences with the release - positive or negative - are much appreciated. Please report to the Clojupyter issue list. -Klaus.


New release of jet, a command line tool to transform between JSON, EDN and Transit New feature: queries. Update: v0.0.5 is now also released with a few updates to the query language.

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