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seancorfield/depstar "0.3.0" -- -- If pom.xml is available when you build a JAR/uberjar, that POM is now used to generate MANIFEST.MF,, and pom.xml inside the generated JAR. This makes depstar-produced JAR files more compatible with what other tools expect (I ran across the issue with which expects that using a JAR as a :local/root dependency will expose its transitive dependencies!). Follow-up to #tools-deps or DM.


worldsingles/ws-commons "0.1.2" -- -- Adds completable, then, exceptionally to provide sugar over Java's CompletableFuture.

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Fulcro 3.0.0-alpha-21 is now on clojars. This version continues to round out the API improvements with net abort support, cleaned up graph merge logic, and a few bug fixes.

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I'm pleased to announce re-graph 0.1.10, the Clojurescript - and now Clojure! - graphql client This release adds support for: Clojure! re-graph has been ported to cljc. Thank you @henryw374 for the initial work #47 This release fixes: Complaining about destroyed instances - thanks @iku000888 #45

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iapetos prometheus client 0.1.9 released! 🚀

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Daniel Hines19:07:00

Functional Programming is simpler, but simplicity usually is achieved by pulling things apart. What things does Functional Programming pull apart?


Might be best to redirect follow-ups to a non-announcements channel, e.g. #off-topic

Daniel Hines19:07:00

Oh so sorry! THought I was in Off topic!


We are pleased to announce a new Q&A forum for Clojure and ClojureScript users!

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@alexmiller Looks great! Is this only for "core" clojure & contrib questions, or 3rd party libraries and tools are also welcome?


I may add some subcategories under Other later


I hope this Stackoverflow alternative will ameliorate the problem of invisibility due to people asking and answering most questions on slack.


indeed! let's move any further convo to #clojure

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Sam Ferrell20:07:57

would it be appropriate to ask for recommendations on how to improve a chunk of code even if it already works?


Probably best in #code-reviews or #beginners - definitely not in the announcements channel, though.

Sam Ferrell21:07:25

Sorry was referring to the Q&A forum


We like folks to use threads to post follow-up questions / ask about announcements, just FYI.