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seancorfield/next.jdbc "1.0.3" -- -- follow-up in #sql * Adds next.jdbc.connection/->pool to make it easier to set up connection pooling with HikariCP and c3p0. The Getting Started documentation shows how to use both libraries. * Documentation improvements continue, including examples of extending ReadableColumn and SettableParameter.

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After a week of going through basics, my first ever project in clojure/clojurescript: A firefox addon to quickly toggle enforcement of browser-specific fonts on webpages (via Alt-Comma). Source: Addon: Shout out to #shadow-cljs package for helping me wade through the build process. And a thank you to #beginners for solving my questions promptly.

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awesome! Thank you for sharing

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Fulcro 2.8.12 just released to clojars: includes some minor improvements.

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clj-kondo v2019.07.24-alpha! ๐Ÿงน detection of unused referred vars and more follow up in #clj-kondo

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