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pfeodrippe12:06:43 Hack trying to improve development tooling for Arcadia, it uses code stolen and mixed from Orchard, Cider-NREPL, Compliment and Arcadia itself just modified a little bit to be usable for game development in .NET using Arcadia in conjunction with Unity. It gives autocompletion for keywords, static members, namespaces, special forms and clojure vars. It gives eldoc for static methods and clojure functions. It's supposed to be used with miracle as a plugin (emacs only), but until I figure out how to make this, you can use this from the branch (which itself contains code from CIDER hopefully properly pointed out). Please, report any bug as a PR, if you want to use it outside Arcardia, be free to use and we would welcome a PR for it too 😃

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If you've been waiting to get a ticket for Heart of Clojure (Aug 2-3, Leuven, Belgium) now is the time:


I hope people don't mind this, semi-announcement here, just wanted to make sure that maybe some folks who aren't on Twitter are in the know that more tickets are available. ✌️