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ClojureScript Podcast - Why ClojureScript with David Nolen

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Ooh! First episode! I'm looking forward to it 🙂 Oh, and I don't know anything about how formatting works in podcast RSS feeds but in Overcast, none of the links in the show notes are linked.


I know, it’s a bit of a bummer with hosting this on soundcloud - it doesn’t support html, just text.


Ah, OK. That's a shame :(


I've listened now. Superduper awesome. My only disagreement would be shadow wasn't highlighted as the easiest way to start with ClojureScript in many cases. It is so out-of-the-box just working! But I shouldn't derail from my praise of the episode... I loved the pace and how there were zero bullshit from start to get to the interesting stuff. Also, very, very good that you often took a few seconds to introduce all the buzz terms that get thrown around. Very professional and I think this episode should be shared in many developer communities where they might benefit from knowing Why ClojureScript?.


In fact, I'm about to share it in a Swedish dev community. What's the two-three sentence intro to who David Nolen is?


thank you so much for this kind words. Not sure if you can fit David into three sentences 🙂


Well, I'm mostly interested in a short intro about what his role is when it comes to ClojureScript. (Actually something for the show notes to inform about.)


David Nolen is the lead developer and maintainer of clojurescript.


Thanks, @U5K8NTHEZ , I used that in my post. It's racking up quite a lot of interest already.

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David Reno01:05:30

Just listened to it and I enjoyed it. Thanks for creating it.