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[com.wsscode.pathom "2.2.13"] is out! This is an exciting release! Pathom now provides a new index called ::pc/index-attributes, this index contains aggregated relationship data about the attributes in your system. In combination with that there is [com.wsscode.pathom-viz "1.0.7"] which provides a new tool called Index Explorer. The index explorer is a new tool to help users understand the pathom index, as the system grows it gets harder to understand what's there, the Index Explorer is a kind of auto generated documentation tool that evolves with the Pathom system as it grows. This tool is also integrated in Fulcro Inspect, if you are using Pathom with Fulcro apps you can get the index explorer working in no time! New docs are introduced to explain everything about the Index Explorer, check it at: Look out for the new parser docstrings, they are much more informative now. There are also some bug fixes, you can see a full change list at: Hope you enjoy!

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