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A new version of clj-kondo is available with improved support for CLJC files and better caching performance. You can now install clj-kondo with brew: And Emacs integration can be enabled using: Happy linting!

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I hope this is the right place to ask, but does clj-kondo use static analysis for its linting like joker? It wasn't very clear from the readme.


I’ll add it to the README


Thanks! One major issue I had with squiggly-clojure's plugins was having to be very careful about putting every side-effectful function call in a comment form even if it was just for temporary testing


static analysis is definitely the way to go here 🙂


yeah. also with CLJS I sometimes find it hard to get a REPL running. with this tool I get at least some errors about invalid arities before sending it to the browser for reloading


hi guys! I've released titanoboa v. 0.8.0 - main notable change is a new API to support new GUI features: - REPL for java lambdas (yay! you just mark the whole java lambda code and if you hit ctrl-enter it will get evaluated using current step's properties as input) - code autocomplete

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